three two seven

I walked around the kowloon side a bit today, bought a new book, had a cup of extra hot coffee and went back home with two bags of groceries. I’ve got a strange cold right now, my room is freezing and I am struggling hard to find something to keep me entertained. I’ve ate too much of chocolate in the last few days. I have been writing a lot thinking about the past few weeks even though it’s a new year. but certain things keep me awake at night and I am not able to shake them off. the question of future lies in front of me at all times I don’t seem to be coming any closer to the answer. it would help if there was a single ray of sunshine but the entire hong kong is swallowed by grey mist, which refuses to leave after it’s been raining. I feel like every time something new and exciting happens I am unable to hang onto it and I always fall back into a stereotype full of melancholy and emptiness. I am not as strong as I seem to be. and I need to find a new way of expressing myself.