three zero seven


I am getting lots of writing done these days. I am not sure where are all the words coming from but I am definitely not complaining. I am thinking of returning to an old story which I started writing exactly a year ago. winter is the time when I like to write. I remember the pace of long winter days last year and those nights when I stayed up late until five, six in the morning, just writing. and then when I woke up, again. writing. editing. writing. sometimes it seemed like the writing itself was completely replaced by the editing. which is the point where I lose my motivation and move on to do something else. it’s strange. I love writing yet I have such low patience for the process. it’s been a while since wrote a letter. maybe this week.

there have been a few very positive feedbacks in the last couple of days which made my living a little easier. somehow things just improve by themselves when you know you’re on the right track. it took a while but it’s here. today was a good day. a happy one. I laughed a lot. my whole body is aching right now from all the laughing. I even believe I’ve prolonged my life by a couple of years, it’s a good feeling. one of those laughs that are completely illogical. one of those where you can’t stop because you’re laughing at the fact that you’re laughing. and having a friend who is exactly the same mood makes the day brighter. even the cappuccino tasted better.

everything seems better today.

November 24, 2009