to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

it has been quiet lately. the craziness of december/january has worn itself out. I spend much more time at home now. I barely go out anymore, I’m not taking advantage of the free-alcohol nights around the city. somehow it has become mundane. of course.

not being online in the last couple of days has allowed me to read for many hours with being interrupted. it has also made me realize that days without internet pass by slowly. there’s more time for details. I was able to focus on my writing without constant internet-related distractions. I’ve started writing poetry again, but this time I am taking my time with the editing. I used to dislike editing my poems. I just left them as they were; these snapshots of my current state of my mind. but now I am treating poetry writing more seriously. with intentions to return to them, or sometimes not.

poets do not finish their poems, they abandon them.

days are still cold; new york city is constantly on my mind. and montreal. but I don’t want to say anything until I am sure. I am still hoping. even with things to do, I am getting more and more tired of this city. I’m reading the books of murakami, one after another.

thinking of japan. donate, help if you can.

March 17, 2011