under the influence but I call it a compromise

instead of writing I have been reading other people’s words. apart from literature that also includes personal websites. about a decade ago there used to be a group on the czech internet that some people called the golden five. out of those five only one person has remained interesting to me. we have a lot in common I think, despite the fact that there’s a half a world between us. but I’d say it’s fine.

I tried to explain to him what africa means to me even though I have never been there and it was hard to find the right words without sounding racist. but the thing is I am not racist. I hate my own race. I am not sure what that makes me. I started off with telling him about lion king and my paris experience. he giggled when I told him. he seemed to be attracted to my words and I realized that as we were listening to the girl from ipanema and he said, this song will always remind of you. I don’t think there is a compliment in the world that would mean more to me. I will never forget. when I got home at ten thirty in the morning I slept for more than twenty four hours.

new territories is an interesting area of the city. had it not been for the filmmaker I would have never made myself explore it properly and fully. one of these days I will come back with my camera and shoot what we called the dark side. sometimes I get mad at myself for using such poetic words without knowing what they actually mean. on the other hand I have been living here for almost six years so maybe I do know something.

June 13, 2011