obama has won the election. as much as america is crazy about it this election has been more about the rest of the world than the united states itself. the only question remaining now is whether obama is ready and going to fulfill what he has promised to us. only time will show. moving on.

my uncle arrived to hong kong this afternoon. and so far the only reason for me to be happy about it are the photo albums from my visit in october that he has brought with him and which now sit on my desk. i miss banja luka. i miss my old friend sonja. i wish she would come too. i’m planning on writing her a long email before this week ends. that reminds me i am also back in touch with mooney. i’ve missed her emails. (if you’re reading this, hi there!)

there’s nothing much to write about lately. sophomore year is coming to an end, which is something i have been waiting for since the day i started at my current school. big examinations are coming up next week and yet the only papers i’ve looked at are the IB ones. i’m already looking forward to it even though i have no idea what i have signed myself up for. only time will show.

these days have nothing in common with the old ones but i’m still reminded of them. lunch time is not my favorite period of the day anymore. people are bored. i am bored.