volume twenty-one: sunday classified

the beginning of the night. we all kind of needed to slow down a little bit.

a happy accident.

opening hours.

I’m loving the effect of a white chalk on a black board. makes me think of a couple of projects I was going to start in the last few months and never got around to it.

my father doesn’t like his photograph taken.

just before the food arrived. I didn’t eat that night.

on the other hand, mother is quite comfortable in front of a camera. this image shows perfectly how alike we are. my favorite shot.

the blur is caused by the effects of the above awesomeness. read: was getting tipsey after the second one.



sunday: may 13. 2012.
at classified.
31 wing fung street, wan chai.
photography by sara tomovic.
nikon D3100.
with hannah‘s awesome 35mm lens.

May 16, 2012