we found love in a hopeless place

star ferry; the usual place. it was freezing cold. I kept unusually quiet. he talked and talked and talked and talked. I listened and laughed. he made me laugh but something is missing. I don’t know what it is and I don’t know even when we are glued to each other, trying to keep warm. it is a little scary to what extent I can relate to rihanna’s we found love lyrics and the video. my direction is shifting in a way that my nirvana alter ego from three or four years ago would never accept. horrible bosses are leaving this week, which actually makes me a little sad. they are the kind of people that I am occasionally missing in my life. the past few weeks have made me think of my relationships with people in general. I am content with the way things stand at the moment. filmmaker’s absence created space for others, which is okay, I guess. but it is definitely the time to return to peel street and the semi-intellectualism of that street.

18 :: 366

January 18, 2012