who said i lied because i never

i am slowly returning to the art of film. last night i’ve watched milk by gus van sant. it was getting late, the movie was released half a year ago and i felt like it’s time. if i hadn’t watched it last night i probably would have never gotten around to it and that would have been a mistake. i’ve returned to my old thoughts on people’s close-mindness. it makes me angry to look around and still see the same shit just like thirty years ago. because i don’t understand. it’s none of your business.

i’m staying inside, watching films, drinking coffee and saving photographs. i’m hardly writing. maybe a word or two every now and then. citizen kane is a strange film, but interesting enough to keep me there for almost two hours. there’s something about films from the late 30s and 40s that just make me stay at home the whole day and devote myself to observing special lights effects.

tomorrow i’m finishing reading the plague and i’m starting with if this is a man. and maybe i’ll even go down to the cinémathèque and watch slumdog millionare. because i still haven’t.