why does she stay

Create. Not because you want to or because the mood grabs you or just because you happen to feel like it. Create because you need to. Because it feels like if you don’t, you might die. – i wrote this for you.

mom came back from china. tomorrow morning she is off to new york. in december to europe. dad and i will be alone for couple of weeks. it kind of makes me sad. i had huge plans for december, almost none of which will work out. on the other hand there are new ones arising. i’m definitely not complaining but i require a large obama coffee mug when you come back!

work is fine. my job consists of doing insignificant small things, which keep my mind occupied enough but i can still think about other things. today, while sorting out business cards and old travel reports by date, i tried to develop the story of five people a little bit further. i realized i made a couple of geographical mistakes and the timeline is a little bit off. and i only have the sauce around the core story line. no message or deeper thought. it is not exactly an ideal state to have a story of work in process in. it is harder for me to get back where i left off. each paragraph, i begin with a new thought i’m not able to stick to the previous one. i think it reflects my style of writing here. but i try to add a little each day and make the story progress. even if i am not happy with the result. it is important for me to keep writing every day. that way i am able to stay on track.

after work i like to go to a nearby starbucks, have a cup of black strong coffee, read the newspapers. today i picked up the hong kong magazine again. i circled a couple of galleries and art shops i am interested in visiting and i will probably make it a plan for tomorrow, since i have a day off. i am also hoping to buy tickets for the screening of Maharal: The Secrets of the Talisman because watching czech films in hong kong has a stronger impact on me than watching them in the czech republic. it is strange but to me it also makes sense. because the experience is much stronger.

what have you watched lately?