winter manifesto

Unrealistically ideal winter. Photo by Josiah Jones.

Show up. Go the extra mile. Write it all down. Get enough fresh air (even though it’s freezing outside!). Read every day. Keep up with the study routine. Sleep in; waking up early is for summer only. Listen to your body. Self-care = abundance of coconut oil on hair and face. Exfoliate. Carry a lip balm at all times. Get enough sleep. Be intentional; live with the intent to do good every day — for yourself and for others. Write a list of daily affirmations. Be mentally present; don’t focus on the weather and afternoon darkness too much. Play with puppies. Slow down. Keep yourself hydrated inside out. Do not let feelings rot inside. Listen rather than respond. Make hot cocoa and coconut pancakes. Go to the Christmas markets with a friend, drink mulled wine, and buy each other presents. Anything that can be accomplished before the year’s end, do it. Write. Then write more.

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