you write a lot?

definition of the african diaspora – movement of africans and their descendants to places throughout the world – predominantly to the americas, europe, the middle east and other places around the globe.

on saturday I hid from the civilization and spent the entire saturday in the ghetto, exploiting my husband and future sperm donor. these are two different objects. you will notice an increasing amount of annoying inside jokes and cultural references unknown to most of the population. which is okay (with me). I spent some time intoxicated on a beach; letting the waves wash my feet, whilst swaying, trying not to lose balance. we walked a bit on the highway, barefoot, parallel to the ocean, watching the sunset in front of us. we were basically in china. and then a glass of hungarian merlot in the middle of new territories and dinner. roasted duck with noodle soup. and the whole ritual of washing the plastic cups and chopsticks in steaming tea. the mini bus on the way back was full of screaming little fucks. the rest is a blur. I spent the weekend further educating myself on the subject of the above definition. listening to popular african artists and abusing my other guilty pleasures. sunday ended in an amazing sunset and a couple of drinks by the waterfront. currently in the state of text purgatory. this week is going to be a long one.

July 25, 2011