you’re a little out of space,

not here, aren’t you? i pretended i didn’t see him from distance. i looked surprised when he spoke. he tried to smile but couldn’t. i put up a wall around me. no more smiling.

no, it’s nothing, i said and went to the bathroom.

i did not want to talk to him because he just pissed me off last time. and then we went home at midnight. a little bit early, oliver laughed. mom took my hand and pushed me to move. yeah, i know.

i got up at two in the afternoon. i felt as if someone stepped on my face. i watched an episode of house, and two episodes of felicity because all of a sudden i realized i missed that show.

i went to ikea with my mother. and that was it. that was my saturday. i thought it was going to be more fun but i guess not everyday can look like a wednesday night at maria’s.

October 18, 2008